Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Return to Flyball

Slider and I recently started practicing with Electric Dawg's Flyball team in September. And we had the opportunity to run on an Open Team with them, the weekend of November 7th and 8th. The tournament was hosted by DogzRule and was held at the Bell County Convention Center in Belton, TX. It was the first flyball tournament held at this site and it was a great location!

Slider did fantastic! It was hard to believe that we had not run in Flyball since our move to Austin, TX. It was exactly 2 years to the date since we had run with our Florida team, KETCH THIS.

Slider ran in 2nd position and handled the passes beautifully. Slider usually ran 4th position on KETCH, so I was impressed how easily he adjusted to the change in running position. I had anticipated dropped balls or going around the last jump but Slider handled it beautifully and we had no issues.

The team ran very clean the majority of the races, and in the low 23's. The times surprised me since this was an Open Team and only Slider and Rave had worked together previously. Our other teammates were from Alamo Racing from San Antonio and Texas Heat.

It was such great fun to be out there in the racing lanes again with Slider!

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