Monday, April 13, 2009

Tricks Finale

Slider and I just finished up our Tricks Class, this evening. We really enjoyed the class, and Slider did fantastic. He would have made his big brother,Casey, proud!!

Our favorite trick was teaching the dogs to turn off a battery operated push light. I used my flyball command of "hit it" and Slider picked up on it quickly... taking his paw and hitting the light. We've progressed to placing Slider in a sit, and then sending him to the light by saying the command "Lights Out". I now want to add onto this trick - "Time for Bed" and have Slider go to his bed and lie down.

One class we touched on Freestyle and worked on stringing together some of our tricks, and setting them to music. What a blast!!!! I remembered a Dance sequence that I had done with Casey for a Christmas show at the Hyatt, years ago... and gave it a try with Slider. And what fun!!!! Slider did it and with tons of enthusiasm!!! Maybe just maybe we'll give Freestyle a try one day!!!

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