Friday, May 15, 2009

Agility Class

We're back!!!!! I've been working hard on locating an Agility Class for me and Slider, so I haven't posted much lately. Well with some great recommendations we finally found one!!! The recommendation was for Travis Agility Group aka TAG. It is located in Cedar Park, about 20 minutes from my home. Robert, one of the instructors contacted me and arranged for an Agility evaluation on May 4th. Robert set up several small sequences to see how Slider handled himself on the equipment. Slider did fantastic!!! Handling all the sequences beautifully and with fantastic contacts. Robert could not believe that we had not done any Agility in 18 months! Thank you, Wendy Pape, for the wonderful foundation you gave Slider!!!

After the evaluation, Robert asked me to drop in on their Monday night Advance class.

Fighting all my nerves...Slider and I attended the Advance Class. The class worked on several sequences focusing on acceleration and deceleration. Again, Slider performed beautifully! I was so proud of my little man!!! We then ran a course of 14 obstacles. I had Slider jumping at 16" since he had not been doing any agility in such a long time. He did great... but my timing and handling was off due to the low jump height and being a very rusty novice handler.

After the class, Robert spent time discussing our performance. He feels Slider is very strong in the technical aspects. And he is still amazed at how well he performed after all this time off. He feels our focus will be in developing and strenghening my handling, and communication with Slider.... and becoming a team again. Robert then said he felt that the Advance class would be a good fit for us.

I was a bit scared about being in an Advance class but I really like how he conducted the class and it felt like it will be a good fit for us. Needless to say, I am so excited about being out there and doing agility with Slider, again!!!! It just felt fantastic!!!!

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Deb said...

That sounds like a lot of fun and a perfect fit! I'm glad you two found a class you can learn and be comfortable in. I can't wait to hear more about it!